Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

The Dufferin Lawn Bowling Club and Dufferin Club of Brantford would like to thank all of our dedicated members for continuing to support the club year after year.

We would also like to extend a sincere thank you to all our wonderful volunteers who have contributed to the club in one way or another.  We are greatly appreciative of all the time and effort you put in to make this club so great!

A huge thank you to the Lawn Bowling Executive, which consisted of Jill Amos (Secretary), Karen Jackson (Treasurer, Memberships), Marie Sutton (Publicity), and to those lawn bowling members who also served on the Dufferin Club Board - Norm Vivash (Treasurer, Maintenance and Repair Committee), Karen Jackson (Secretary), Marie Sutton and Jill Amos (Directors) - for all their hard work and commitment over the course of the last year to ensure the club continues to operate.

Thank you to all the others individuals from lawn bowling who have helped make this club great:

  • Art Smith for all his hard work as part of the Maintenance and Repair Committee, along with Norm Vivash, in repairing and staining the benches and edging, and sprucing up the front of the clubhouse.
  • Elizabeth Smith for collecting sponsor cheques and, along with husband Art, making the lane markers and signs.
  • Our Tournament Coordinators, Social Conveners and Coordinators, Jitney Draw Table, and Draw Masters Table, Club Instructors, and those volunteers who took care of the telephone tree, cards and social supplies.
  • To everyone else who has helped out around the club in one way or another, come out for any of our clean-ups or participated in any of our club run events.
  • To all our tournament sponsors for your continued support.
  • Finally, to our Greenskeepers, Paul and Alex Bakker, for all their hard work on the greens this year, from cutting the greens, to watering, fertilizing, seeding, verti-cutting, slicing, aerating and top-dressing.

Have a safe and healthy off-season and see you back on the greens in the spring!

Fall Clean-up Crew

Annual General Meeting

The season officially ended Thursday, November 24 with the Dufferin Club Annual General Meeting (AGM). For those who were not able to attend the AGM, here are the key highlights:

  • The 2016 Financial Statement was approved as presented. Earlier this year, the Tennis and Lawn Bowling bank accounts were closed and agglomerated into the Dufferin Club account in accordance with the by-laws. The financial statements presented represented the combined revenue and expenses of the entire club for the fiscal year ending October 31. The club ended the fiscal with a surplus of $2,713. A copy of the approved financial statements is posted here.
  • Both Brian Hughes and Vicki Armitage from Parks and Recreation were in attendance. Unfortunately, the new site plan has not been developed yet and the first phase of the redevelopment which is currently three new courts and lights has been pushed back to 2018. The club intends to work with the city over the next year and a half to ensure its completion sooner rather than later. For this, the board will be establishing a Site Design Committee. If you have an interest in working on this committee, please contact club Chair Andrea Hebb. We need 3-4 individuals for this committee and it will likely be a multi-year commitment.
  • The resolution from the board to adopt the revised by-laws was approved by members at the AGM. The revised by-laws once reformatted will be posted on the board section of the club's website. The board has also developed several policies over the course of the season - some of which are required by law and others required to apply for certain funding sources. These will be available online and also posted at the club next year.
  • Following the adoption of the revised by-laws, the club moved forward with the restructuring of the board.  The 2017 Board of Directors were all elected by acclamation - Andrea Hebb (Chair), David Cureatz (Vice-Chair), Robyn Cook-Ritchie (Past Chair), Norm Vivash (Treasurer), Karen Jackson (Lawn Games Activity Coordinator) and Pete Pongrac (Racquet Sports Activity Coordinator); Gary Maddock will remain as Director of Tax and Financial Reporting.  The secretary position is vacant and if anyone is interested or can recommend a suitable candidate for this position, please contact the club chair.
  • The Dufferin Club will be completely closed up for the season shortly. To save costs over the winter, the water valve to the building and hot water heater will be shut off, the phone and internet have already been disconnected and heat will be kept at a minimum.

Fall Awards and Meeting

The Dufferin Lawn Bowling Club held its Fall Awards and Meeting on Sunday, October 2. Awards handed out by Eleanor Thomson for the 2016 season were as follows:

  • Singles Men - Dave Ancill; Women - Marie Sutton
  • Novice Singles Men - Lou Varga; Women - Karen Jackson
  • Snider Trophy - Dave Ancill and Pat Faith
  • 4-3-2-1 Men - Dave Ancill; Women - Gloria Ridler

Congratulations to all the winners! A very special thank you to Eleanor & Jim Thomson for all the effort and hard work they put in every season. They are to be commended for taking the trophies and plaques from the wall and cabinet and having Levac's engrave so they could be presented to the winners before they were installed back on the wall and put away in the cabinet for all bowlers to enjoy. Most importantly, they keep track of who the winners are so that the names are engraved properly. Because they do this for us, this long standing tradition of Dufferin Lawn Bowling continues!

Notice of Proposed By-law Changes       30-Sept-16

The Dufferin Club of Brantford (DCOB) Board of Directors proposes revisions to the DCOB By-laws. Before making any by-law changes, the Board is required to provide the information about the changes to members at least 30 days in advance and in order to implement the proposed changes, the Board proposes to resolve to adopt the revised by-laws at the Annual General Meeting of the DCOB. 

The purpose of the revisions are to:

  • Comply with the upcoming Ontario Non-Profit Corporation Act;
  • Support the agglomeration of the Tennis and Lawn Bowling Clubs into ‘One’ Dufferin Club; and, to
  • Address declining membership numbers and volunteer base.

A complete copy of the proposed revisions are provided in paper copy in the clubhouse.  An electronic version is also available here. Language to be added to the by-laws is indicated in red text; language to be removed is indicated by strikethrough.

To be approved, the revisions require a two-thirds vote of the members who are present at the Annual General Meeting on Thursday, November 24 at 7 pm.  The meeting is open to all members of the Dufferin Club.

Snider Tournament Results

The Snider Women's and Mixed Pairs Lawn Bowling Tournament was played on Sunday, September 18 at the Dufferin Club. For the last tournament of the season we were again bowling in great weather, at times the sun was very hot and we didn't start bowling until 2:00 pm. September has so far behaved like July with lots of sun and heat. Six teams entered the tournament, with 3 games of 8 ends played. Everyone enjoyed pizza after the second game.

Two game winners were:
1. Dave Ancil & Pat Faith - 31+9 points
2. Karen Jackson & John Matthews - 22 points
3. Marilyn Fletcher & Lou Varga - 14 points

Joe Godwin & Bobby Beazley had a one game high of 20 points.

Thanks to Jim & Eleanor Thomson for setting up the greens and a big thank you to Eleanor for looking after the draw and awarding of prize monies. Thanks to Diane Pope for looking after the kitchen and refreshments. Many thanks to past member Betty Snider for sponsoring this tournament, it is much appreciated.

Congratulations to all who entered, and please remember that in-club tournaments are for Dufferin members only to compete and enjoy the great game of lawn bowling.

Singles Tournament Results

Dufferin Lawn Bowling Club hosted a singles tournament on Saturday, September 10, sponsored by Brantwood Farms and McLeister Funeral Home. Tranquility Apartments & Retirement Home supplied sandwiches for the bowlers on this the final tournament of the year. Conditions were very humid, cloudy, sunny and very sticky. However, rain did not show up, although we arrived just after heavy rain fall.

Bowlers came from Simcoe, Woodstock (2) St. George (2), Oakville, Burlington, Dundalk and Dufferin (5). The winners were:

1. Mark Bieman, Dundalk - 3 wins, 45 points
2. Ruby Defeu, Burlington - 3 wins, 40 points
3. Dave Ancil, Dufferin (Brantford) - 2 wins, 42+2 points
4. Marie Sutton, Dufferin (Brantford) - 2 wins, 39 points
5. Derek McKie, Woodstock - 2 wins, 37 points

One Game High, Grant Love, Oakville - 31 points

Thanks to Jim & Eleanor Thomson for setting the greens and to Diane Pope & Jim Thomson for doing the draw and awarding the prize monies. Thanks to Sheila Hawke and Eleanor Thomson for making the delicious soup, and Sheila also did kitchen & refreshment duties. The soup and sandwiches were enjoyed by all. Special thanks to "jack setters", Jeannette McColl, Eleanor Thomson, Bunty & Art Lowe, Evelyn & Jim Munro and Jim Thomson. These folks are such a big part of the singles tournament. Congratulations to the 50/50 winner Ruby Defeu from Burlington who took home $22.

Eagle Place Senior Tournament Results

Eagle Place Seniors and BYOB Brewers were the sponsors for the mixed pairs/women's pairs lawn bowling tournament, Tuesday, September 6 at the Dufferin Lawn Bowling Club.

The weather was positively too hot for bowling today - with the heat affecting quite a few bowlers. The tournament started with everyone agreeing to bowl 10 end games instead of the usual 12. One team left during first game as the skip felt ill, another left during the second game and a third had to get off the greens with only two ends left in the second game. All the bowlers agreed that a third game would not be played because of the excessive heat and then went instead to cool off in the air conditioned clubhouse and eat cold treats.

Two game winners were:
1. Charlie & Margaret Lyle, Burlington - 34+3 points
2. Brian Jones & Ruby DeFeu, Caledonia - 27+2 points
3. Karen Jackson & Marie Sutton, Dufferin - 27 points
4. Lorne & Lena Skeard, Preston - 21 points

Lesley & Kim Durham McPhee, St. George had a one game high of 25 points.

Thanks to Jim & Eleanor Thomson for setting up the greens, and Diane Pope and Jim Thomson for doing the draw and prizes. Diane even managed to bowl the first game as well and took a bye for the second game. Thanks to Sheila Hawke for kitchen duties and refreshments, also the delicious homemade muffins & cookies.

Congratulations to Joe Godwin for winning the 50/50 draw. Congratulations to Dave Ancil and Bobby Beasley (he replaced Alma Kisser in the second game) consolation winners of the one game high with 18 points.

Jitney Results

A Sunday Jitney was played on August 28 at the Dufferin Lawn Bowling Club. It was a super hot day for bowling and although it is the end of August, the sun and heat just does not want to leave yet!

Two game winners were Joe Godwin with 29 points, Jim Thomson (25), Dave Ancil (25), Karen Jackson (16) and Jeannette McCall (16).

Thanks to Marie Sutton at the draw table. Thanks to Marie Sutton,
Jim Thomson, Joe Godwin, Bobby Beasley and Jeannette McColl
for setting the greens. Thanks to Lisa Marie Hooper for the delicious refreshments and the creamsicle treats, most tasty on a super hot afternoon. Thanks to Sheila Hawke for cleaning up the kitchen and the hall.

Chartwell Tranquility Retirement Home Tournament

Dufferin hosted the Chartwell Tranquility Retirement Home & Apartments Open Pairs Novice Only Tournament on Saturday, August 20. It was a very hot day for bowling, but the eight teams of novice bowlers managed to bowl three 10 end games. Dufferin entertained teams from Preston, St. Marys, Willowdale, St. George and four teams from our very own Dufferin club. Kudos for having that many entries from the host club - remember these are all NOVICE bowlers. Also a shout out to John Matthews and Paul Bakker for the their third place finish. Paul is a tennis member, but bowled super in this his first tournament.

The winners were:
1. Donald Rayko,William Sze, Willowdale - 3 wins (35+2 points)
2. Lorne & Lean Skeard, Preston - 2 wins (33 points)
3. John Matthews & Pau Bakker, Dufferin - 2 wins (29 points)

One game high - Art Smith, Marilyn Fletcher, Dufferin with 26 points

Congratulations to Art Smith (Dufferin) on winning $27.50 in the 50/50 draw.

Thanks to Eleanor and Jim Thomson for setting up the greens and Wilma Roblin and Jim Thomson for draw table and awarding of prizes. This is truly Wilma's tournament as she insists every year that Dufferin host one of the few Novice Only tournaments in the Province. Thanks to Sheila Hawke and Marie Sutton for kitchen duties; special thanks to Marie for making delicious peach cobbler for dessert!

Jitney Results

A jitney was held on Sunday, August 7 at the Dufferin Lawn Bowling Club. It was a lovely day for bowling with 16 bowlers playing.

Two-game winners were Karen Jackson, Art Smith and Gloria Ridler each with 18 points and Jim Thomson and Diane Pope both with 17 points. One-game winners were Jill Amos and Marilyn Fletcher with 14 points each and Pat Faith with 10 points.

Thanks to Marilyn Fletcher, Marie Sutton, Karen Jackson, Joe Godwin and Jeannette McColl for setting the greens and organizing the draw table. Thanks to Marilyn Fletch and Marie Sutton for doing the draw and awarding the prizes. Thanks to Lisa Hooper and Joe Godwin for kitchen and refreshments, and Karen Jackson who also supplied treats.

Singles Club Championship Results

The Dufferin Lawn Bowling Club Singles Championships were played Thursday, July 28 at 6:00 pm. Under hot, humid 29 degree temperatures three 8 end games were played with the following winners and scores.

Senior Women - Marie Sutton, 2 wins (17 points)
Senior Men - Dave Ancil, 2 wins (27+9 points)

Novice Women - Karen Jackson, 3 wins (17 points)
Novice Men - Lou Varga, 3 wins (27 points)

Thanks to jack setters, Jeannette McColl, Art & Bunty Lowe, Joe Godwin, Bobby Beazley and Jim Thomson for setting the jacks; Jim Thomson, Jack Taylor and Eleanor Thomson for setting the greens, Eleanor Thomson for the draw table, Eleanor Thomson & Marie Sutton for kitchen duties. Special thanks to Eleanor Thomson for the ice cream pops after the second game, they sure were appreciated!

Honda Civic Holiday Tournament Results

The Brantford Honda Civic Lawn Bowling Mixed Pairs Tournament was held at the Dufferin Club on Monday, August 1. Conditions at the start were very humid, but the sun came out and with it a breeze so conditions were quite comfortable the rest of the day. Twelve teams entered coming from Caledonia (2), Simcoe (2), Burlington, Hagersville and Preston and five teams from Dufferin. A very good participation indeed. The winners were:

1. Marie Sutton & Joe Godwin, Dufferin (pictured below) - 3 wins, 48+5 points
2. Carman & Clare Morris, Hagersville - 2 wins, 47 points
3. Lorne Skeard & Lena Earv, Preston - 2 wins, 38 points
One game high Karen Jackson and Art Smith, Dufferin - 27 points

Honda Winners

Thanks to Bobby Beazley and Joe Godwin for setting the greens. Special thanks to Jill Amos for all the car theme decorations in and outside the clubhouse. Thanks to Jim Thomson and Diane Pope who did an awesome job on the draw and prize table (first time doing this on their own). Thanks to Pat Faith for kitchen and refreshment duties also her first time doing a tournament and she did this all by herself. Congratulations to Lorne Skeard from Preston who won the 50/50 draw. Thanks to everyone who made this tournament happen (you know who you are) with our Tournament Co-ordinator in the hospital. Dufferin Lawn Bowlers - You Rock!!!!! More pictures can be found here.

Kudos on the Greens!

Despite the late start in the spring, the lawn bowling greens are looking fabulous and comments on how great everything looks have been rolling in!

One out of town guest (and tournament winner) said, while collecting his winnings, that the greens were in excellent shape. Others have remarked on how good the greens were to bowl on and how wonderful everything looked from the greens point of view. The club looks so organized with the painted boards and benches all matching and the new coloured markers around the green makes it easy to follow. Two city employees have also commented on how great the greens and club are looking this season!


Huge shout out to everyone for all their hard work involved with making the lawn bowling greens (and club) look fantastic.

Thank you to Norm Vivash, Art Smith and Gerard McMullin for fixing and staining the benches around the greens.

Thank you Art for staining the boards along the edges and to both you and your wife, Elizabeth, for all your effort and attention to detail with the markers and lane signs. Everything just looks so classy - the way a lawn bowling green should look. Art has also been hard at work cleaning the white posts, shutters and building above the draw table with his Jennie (steam cleaner), getting rid of all the nasty spiders who take up residence around the window.

Thank you to Karen Jackson and Paul Bakker for their endless battle on the war of weeds on the greens, walkways and patio areas.

Countless hours are being put in by our volunteers and greens keeper to make the greens look their best considering the late start and some missed opportunities. It is a tough fight against dandelions and crabgrass right now, but the club is going to do our best in the fall and spring to tackle those issues along with dethatching to make the greens look even better next year. Well done and congratulations everyone on an amazing job so far!

Benches Board

Brant Family Eye Care Tournament Results

The Dufferin Lawn Bowling Club held a Women's and Mixed Pairs Tournament on Saturday, July 16 sponsored by Brant Family Eye Care, with the following winners:

1. John Duguay & Anne Harris (Ancaster) - 3 wins, 43+3 points
2. Karen Jackson & Lou Varga (Dufferin) - 2 wins, 39+1
3. Dan Greener & Kathy Greener (Preston) - 2 wins, 32
4. Lorne Skeard & Lena Skeard (Preston) - 2 wins, 27

Canada Day Jitney

Canada Day's 149th Birthday Jitney was held at the Dufferin Lawn Bowling Club on Sunday, July 3, 2016. It was another hot, sunny day for the jitney with two 8 end games. Two game winners were Jack Taylor (34 points), Marie Sutton (23), Gloria Ridler (23) and Joe Godwin (18). One game winners were Karen Jackson (29), Diane Pope (19), Art Smith (15) and Ed Ridler (10).

Thanks to Liza Hooper for doing the draw and Joe Godwin and Bobby Beazley for setting the greens. Thanks to Mary Ann Peters and Robert McVittie for kitchen duties. Also thanks to Ed & Gloria Ridler for supplying the eats and refreshments.

Canada Day Red & White Tournament Results

The Dufferin Lawn Bowling Club held their annual Canada Day red and white tournament sponsored by Richard Bruton Investments TD Waterhouse Management on Friday, July 1.

Top finishers were:
1. Mike Watson (Agincourt) & Chrystal Shephard (Cosburn Park) - 3 wins, 49 points
2. Mike Mogan (Cosburn Park) & Jack Taylor (Dufferin) - 3 wins, 38 points
3. Marie Sutton & Dave Ancil (Dufferin) - 2 wins, 43 points
4. Norm Vivash & Eleanor Thomson (Dufferin) - 2 wins, 38+2 points
One game high: Carman & Clare Morris (Hagersville) - 31+4 points

Ye Olde Tyme Bowlers Tournament Results

The Ye Olde Tyme Bowlers Women's and Mixed Pairs Tournament was held at the Dufferin Club on Saturday, June 25. It was another very hot day for bowling, but we all managed to enjoy the bowling. We did have extra excitement in the first game, first end; one enthusiastic bowler split her pants, oh yes right in the back from waist to almost crotch. Gotta say she was the coolest chick on the greens! This caper gave lots of laughs and she played the whole game and then went home to change. Who said lawn bowling was boring.

Winners were as follows:
1. Marie Sutton & Jan Mclean (St. George) - 3 wins, 45+3 points
2. Dave Ancil & Jill Amos (Dufferin) - 2 wins, 35 points
3. Arthur & Elizabeth Smith (Dufferin) - 2 wins, 26 points
One game high: Jack Taylor & Pat Faith (Dufferin) - 23 points

Thanks to Eleanor & Jim Thomson and Paul Bakker (he is a tennis member looking after the greens this season) for setting up the greens. Thanks as always to our draw mistress Wilma Roblin and her assistants Diane Pope and Jim Thomson for doing the draw and awarding the prizes. Thanks also to Jim Thomson, Diane Pope and Elizabeth Smith for kitchen and refreshment duties. Please note special kudos to Eleanor & Elizabeth who also bowled along with other duties. Congratulations to Karen Jackson the 50/50 winner.

Special shout out to our sponsor for this tournament, very deserving of recognition.

Ingham Monuments Tournament Results

A Women's and Mixed Pairs Lawn Bowling Tournament sponsored by Ingham Monuments was played Tuesday, June 14 at the Dufferin Club. It was another perfect weather day for our first tournament of the year. It was s small group of six entries, however, the fun and fellowship was as perfect as the weather. As usual competition was fierce too.

Winners were:
1. Norm Vivash & Eleanor Thomson (Dufferin) - 2 wins, 35+1 points
2. Laura Ritchie & Ann Harris (St. George) - 2 wins, 30 points
3. Marie Sutton & Ed Ridler (Dufferin) - 2 wins, 29 points
4. Dave Ancil & Diane Pope (Dufferin) - 2 wins, 21 points

Thanks to Jack Taylor, Eleanor Thomson, Art Smith and Jim Thomson for setting the greens. Many thanks to Wilma Roblin and her helpers Jim Thomson, Diane Pope for taking care of the draw and awarding the prizes. Thanks to Bobby Beazley for fan support and putting bowling equipment away. Thanks to Elizabeth Smith for refreshments and kitchen duties. Special kudos to Elizabeth and Diane on the double duty as they both managed to bowl. Elizabeth also was credited with giving bowling instructions to competitors and "good grief" one team went from 1 point in there 1st game to beating the 2 game winning team in the 3rd game. Just shows what real sportsmanship is all about, eh? Congratulations to 50/50 winner Norm Vivash.

New Members Welcome BBQ Jitney

Another beautiful day today, Sunday, June 12, for bowling, and a great start to the Dufferin Lawn Bowling Club's first jitney of the season!

Two game winners were Jeannette McColl with 20 points, Verne Shimens, Larry Kramer and Dave Ancil with 18 points each and Marie Sutton and Art Smith with 12 points each. One game winners were Norm Vivash with 14 points, Diane Pope and Eleanor Thomson 10 points each and Ed Ridler 8 points.

Thanks to Lisa Hooper and Joe Godwin for the draw and Elizabeth Smith & Jill Amos for kitchen duties; Liz bought the food as well. Thanks to BBQ crew Art Smith, Bobby Beazley, Art Lowe, Bobby also helped set the greens. There were only four greens set, but the bowling was loads of fun for all. Good food, good fun equals happy bowlers.

General Meeting and Vote

Vote Results

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote in person or online on the potential management change of the Dufferin Club of Brantford.

All the votes have been verified and tabulated, with the following results:

YES 53%       NO 47%

As such, the DCOB will not be asking the city to take over management of the club as of the 2017 fiscal year. Majority for the vote to pass was 66%.

The board will continue to work hard over the next year for the betterment of the club.

At this time, the Dufferin Club of Brantford (DCOB) operates under a Management Contract with the City of Brantford; the City owns the land and facilities and the DCOB manages the property and activities. The DCOB is an incorporated non-profit organization governed by a board of directors. The DCOB has two activity sub-committees, the Dufferin Lawn Bowling Club and the Dufferin Tennis Club. Under the current management agreement with the city, we run the programs, mow the greens, supervise the courts, collect the fees, maintain the premises, and deal with “wear and tear” issues.

Our current contract comes up for renewal in 2017 and a number of our members have wondered if we would be better off if the City, through the Parks Board, managed our property.

Subsequently, we have decided to ask all our members what they think.

Would you like us to ask the City of Brantford (Parks Board) take over the management of the Dufferin Club of Brantford as of the 2017 fiscal year?

The DCOB board has identified several pros and cons to having the City manage this facility.


  • We would not have to mow and take care of the greens.
  • We would likely not have to hire staff for tennis.
  • We would avoid the problems we have now in getting volunteers for our executives and for doing manual work around the site.
  • We would not have to keep financial records, have bank accounts, audits, etc.
  • We would not have to clean the clubhouse and courts.
  • We could concentrate on organizing the actual play and the tournaments.


  • Giving the City complete control of the facility could mean that the City assumes it can exert more control over our conditions of operation, even so far as to move the facility (see the current dispute over Arrowdale). At the moment, we do not cost the City money for operations, since we run our own budgets and meet their requirements.
  • The City would decide if and when to make improvements to the club, or if and when to close it down.
  • Since the City will want no financial losses, the annual fees to members could be increased.
  • The City would likely decide the length of the season and hours of operation.
  • The clubhouse, courts and greens may not be as easily accessible as they are now.
  • It is unknown who would promote activities at the Club.
  • It is unknown if the city would take over the junior camp program.

Opening Day Spider and Potluck

A perfect weather day with sunshine and a breeze for the 106th lawn bowling opening day on Victoria Day, Monday, May 24. Over 30 members participated in the Spider Bowl and congratulations go to Liz Vegso, spider winner of the lucky toonie & bottle of wine, supplied by last year's winner Jill Amos. The spider collection of money will go to the Food Bank.

A surprise visit from Bill & Laurel Ellis was a real treat. They were long time bowlers from years past and the heart & soul of the club. Bill took his responsibility looking after the greens very seriously and counseled many greens keepers. After bowling two 6 end games everyone went inside and enjoyed the annual pot luck supper. Amazing how all the choices were one of a kind and super delicious.

A big thank you to Joe Godwin, Bobby Beasley, Lisa Hooper for setting the greens and doing the draw, Jim & Eleanor Thomson for all their hard work looking after kitchen duties setting out the food and refreshments. The room looked really nice thanks to the Thomsons' and Lily of the Valley flowers on the tables was a lovely touch by Karen Jackson. A very successful day of fun, festivities, bowling and food!

Welcome to the 2016 Season!

The season officially kicks off Saturday, April 30 with a joint Tennis and Lawn Bowling Open House from 10 am to 2 pm. Meet our court staff and Executive members. Light refreshments will also be available. Everyone welcome and play free the entire day.

Information regarding memberships and club activities will be provided and membership and junior tennis camp registrations will be accepted. New this year, your tennis and pickleball membership will grant you access to the entire facility so if you ever wanted play lawn bowling, you can now play for free!

The Dufferin Club is also offering FREE "Give it a Try" sessions throughout May. The sessions run weekend afternoons between 2 and 4 pm from May 7 to May 29. Free lawn bowling will be available both days, while tennis will be offered Saturdays and pickle-ball Sundays. Equipment will be provided, though you must wear flat, non-marking soled shoes.

Spring Clean-up a Success!

It was a perfect day for Dufferin's first ever Spring Clean-up. Nearly 40 lawn bowling and tennis members came out to enjoy the warm, sunny weather and help get the club ready for the upcoming season.
Clean-up crewThere was lots to do inside and out! From sweeping, cleaning, aerating and spreading sand over the greens; cleaning the kitchen, hall and washrooms; organizing the office and giving the floor a makeover; cleaning the shed, electrical rooms and sprinkler room; edging and weeding the lawn and patio stones; blowing off the courts; scraping and painting the net posts; and putting up the nets, windscreens and court divider.

Thank you to all the lawn bowling and tennis members and their families who came out to lend a hand. Fantastic job by all! Thank you to everyone who contributed food for the potluck - the lunch and snacks were delicious - and to those in the kitchen for setting up and cleaning up after lunch.

A big thank you to Paul Bakker for all his hard work throughout the day and expertise with the equipment. Special thanks to Parks and Recreation for letting the club borrow the city's blower, aerator, topdresser, dragmat, roller and garden tractor for the clean-up.

It was great to see so many people come out in support of the club and make the event a success. It was also a nice way to cap off National Volunteer Week. There are many individuals who volunteer a lot of their time and effort in keeping the Dufferin Club up and running - so thank you one and all!

Click here to view all the photos from the day!

Spring Clean-up

All hands on deck! The Dufferin Club has scheduled a spring clean-up on Saturday, April 16 (rain date Sunday, April 17) at 10 am. We need everyone's help to get our club ready for the upcoming tennis and bowling season. Around 12 pm, there will be an eat and meet potluck lunch to discuss how to better the Dufferin Club, especially when it comes to promoting and marketing the club. It will also be your opportunity to share any other ideas on how we can improve the club overall.

Come down for friendship and fun, and get some exercise sweeping, dusting - strenuous or not - whatever you prefer. There will be lots to do. You can bring any food item for the potluck lunch.

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Upcoming Events

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Membership Fees

  • Regular - $150
  • First Year Bowler - $85
  • Student - $30

Membership fees are non-refundable. Lockers are available to rent for $5.


The Dufferin Lawn Bowling Club is part of the Ontario Lawn Bowling Association, located in District 3.

Across Ontario, there are a total of 16 districts and within our district there are 11 clubs, of which Dufferin is a very active club.

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